Is It Possible to Deposit in Australian Online Casinos with a Credit Card?

A credit card is the safest way to make deposits at online casinos. Virtual platforms offer players a wide range of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing money. This means they have many options that they would not normally consider, such as e-wallet and prepaid cards. However, most players use bank cards to deposit money into their accounts. Is it possible to do this in Australian virtual casinos? Let’s find out.

Hot Discussions and First Measures

Australians are not the first in the world to discuss the usage of credit cards for gambling. Earlier, British and New Zealand lawmakers have discussed whether it is worth banning payments with gambling service providers by credit cards in their territories, including casinos that accept Visa. While others are talking and weighing the pros and cons, the Australian bank Macquarie has gone from words to deeds and imposed a complete ban on gambling and lottery card purchases for its customers. The bank took this decisive step back in July 2018. Some of the Australian banks followed this example.

All banking transactions have a clear classification structure. Among the trading codes, payment for gambling entertainment has been allocated to a separate category. If the system detects such a code when a client tries to make a payment with a credit card, the bank blocks the transfer. 

Residents of Australia are already prohibited from paying with credit cards in offline casinos, at the racetrack, and when playing pokies (a local type of slot machines). Are these restrictions relevant for online casinos?

Using Credit Card Payment Method in Online Casinos

Credit cards allow you to start playing for real money almost immediately on online casino sites. In fact, almost every online casino offers credit card payment options, although fees can vary from one site to another. However, there is no guarantee which credit card will work in a particular casino and which will not.

If you really prefer to use your credit card to play your favourite online casino games, you should keep in mind that credit card terms are different for each site. For example, a particular card might be rejected at a certain casino, and the same card might be accepted on other sites. When it comes to using credit cards as a payment method, you need to find online casinos outside Australia that accept credit card payment options.

Visa credit cards have a higher approval rate when it comes to making a transaction at an online casino, although this will vary from bank to bank. The banks establish policies for the use of their cards. Some of them allow you to use the cards for online gambling, and some do not. So, don’t hesitate to check it in advance! Good luck!

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