Myths About Pokies in 2021

It is difficult to find a person who would be alien to the feeling of excitement. Everyone has tried or wanted to try their luck at least once in their life in the best online pokies.

Popular Myths about Slots in 2021

There are some myths and misconceptions about slot machines that very often lead to significant problems. Today, we would like to raise some of the most common misconceptions about slots.

  1. The slot results are preprogrammed in advance

Perhaps this myth is the most popular. There is an assumption that a certain periodicity is responsible for giving the winning combinations in the best online pokies Australia. However, the whole essence of their work is that each individual spin should be considered as one specific cycle of a computer program. The result depends on the random number generator and doesn’t depend on the previous results, because the machine itself does not remember them. There can be no pattern because there is simply no data for it.

  1. The slot machines are programmed to distribute winnings evenly

Another popular misconception among the best Australian online pokies players is that after big wins, you shouldn’t expect good luck for a certain time, or after a long series of losses, there is a huge chance of hitting the jackpot. It’s worth remembering that each separate spin is a separate event. Perhaps, according to the theory of probability, you shouldn’t expect two jackpots in a row, but these are definitely not the subjects of programming.

  1. The personnel can interfere with the operation of the machines

Very often, gamblers blame online casino workers for their failures, especially after big losses. However, the software that activates best online pokies au is most often stored on a special developer’s server, which is equipped with super-powerful protection. The workers of a particular resource do not have the physical ability to interfere with the very principle of the slot’s operation.

  1. Demo versions of slots differ from regular ones

There is a myth that developers simplify the possibility of winning in a demo game in order to attract a player to real bets, showing how easy it is to hit the bank. However, special audit teams conduct independent research on slots. Each time, the result was the same – the demo and full versions were completely the same.

Finally, instead of learning the myths or following someone’s beliefs, it is better to read the best online pokies Australia review to understand all the secrets of a certain machine. This will increase your chances to win.

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