Australia Gambling Industry in Numbers

Gambling arrived in Australia with the first settlers. For more than 300 years, this industry has been developed here so much that 4 out of 5 residents of the country are involved in this business, and one out of five players gambles regularly. 

Throughout the history of modern Australia, the government has been trying to regulate this industry, and thanks to the good infrastructure and the general prestige of the jurisdiction, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are looking for the opportunity to register a casino company and obtain a license in Australia. Today, we would like to share with you some curious numbers that will make the Australian market picture whole and clear. 

$1,300 per Person

This is exactly how much Aussies spend money on games per person annually. Of course, it doesn’t mean at all that everyone is involved in the game here. This is the amount of money spent by all Aussie gamblers annually divided by the number of people living in the country. It means that a certain person may spend $5,000 per month, while another – $500. Still, this is the highest amount among all the gambling states.  

2001 – the Year of Adoption of the Gambling Law

The main law that regulates the industry in the country is the Interactive Gambling Act, adopted by the Parliament in 2001. This law also legalizes and regulates online gaming. In 2017, an amendment was made requiring additional licensing of gambling establishments by the Australian authorities, which also added ways to allow players to refuse gambling protection.

The 2001 law prohibits the following in Australia:

  • Unlicensed iGaming products offered to Australians;
  • Offering Australian iGaming products to other countries;
  • Most online activities, from roulette and blackjack to online poker. It does not prohibit auto racing, sports betting, and online lotteries.

However, the government allows overseas providers to obtain a license in Australia, and players are free to choose sites to play online games, card games, virtual slot machines, and more.

7.7% of States and Territories Tax Revenues 

Gambling revenues account for 7.7% of state and territory tax revenues. This rate was the lowest in Western Australia (2.5%) and the highest in the North (12.0%). Income from gambling makes 2.5% of the national budget revenues, taking into account other sources of income. The main forms of taxation of gambling are the following:

  • Player loss tax;
  • Net income tax;
  • License fees;
  • Sales Tax (optional).

The taxation of gambling operators in Australia differs from state to state, and different gambling services are taxed differently. All this complicates the comparison of states by this indicator.

Nowadays, there are nearly two dozen land-based casinos operating in the country. All of them bring impressive revenues to the state budget and excitement to their clients. Gambling survived throughout history, becoming a profitable business today. We believe this is only the beginning of the story. 

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